Suitable for a wide variety of SMT applications, OMRON’s Automated Inspection Solutions are designed to ensure the highest degree of quality and consistency in PCB production. OMRON's proven inspection systems and enhanced software tools help manufacturers move closer to zero-defect production. With in-line, high-throughput and X-ray based solutions, OMRON’s inspection machines can tackle a variety of PCB applications.

OMRON provides a full range of SPI, AOI and AXI systems which are easy to use and offer fast inspection program generation. These solutions meet the complete inspection needs of any SMT manufacturer by helping identify the root cause of a failure while ensuring that escapes and false calls are eliminated.

Q-upNavi is an Analysis Software Tool that combines 3D-SPI, 3D-AOI and 3D-AXI Result Data for True Root-Cause Analysis.

Q-upAuto executes advanced manufacturing analysis combining Q-upNavi inspection result data, with manufacturing process data for high level process improvement.

We support efficient improvement activities by responding to 4M’s of fluctuating production, “Man”, “Machine”, “Material” and “Method”, capturing “a change that affects the quality” in real time. OMRON will contribute to customers’ manufacturing of good products.

Watch this Video showing a full overview of our systems!