Providing environmentally safe products to the world

OMRON's policy is to offer products that are environmentally warranted (warranted to be free from any banned substances) to customers all over the world. In accordance with this policy, OMRON decided to totally eliminate all hazardous substances from its control devices as well.

OMRON strives to be an industry forerunner in regulating the use of chemical substances and working toward the goal of eliminating all hazardous substances in OMRON products.

OMRON globally and the environment

How do we deal with the environment globally? We provide you with specific information about how Industrial Automation deals with the environment worldwide. Read about it on our global IAB website.

More information

For inquiries on OMRON's environmental policy and performance in Europe, please contact: OMRON Europe B.V., Quality & Environment Department, Zilverenberg 2, 5234 GM 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

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RoHS Directive

OMRON is an environmentally conscious company. For that reason, and in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers, we undertake all efforts to ensure...

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Green OMRON 2020

We consider addressing environmental issues to be our corporate responsibility, therefore it is an important management objective for the company.

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