Monitor and Better Understand your Inspection Data to Improve Productivity

Omron Q-upNavi is an Analysis Software Tool that combines 3D-SPI, 3D-AOI and 3D-AXI Result Data for True Root-Cause Analysis.

Q-upNavi is a Standard Web-Based Function within Product Operation. Q-upNavi monitors production, assists the programming process, create engineering reports, collect GR&R data, monitors components through each inspection providing quick and easy root-cause and trend analysis. It is also an Integral part of Omron Q-upAuto Advanced Process Control Software Tool. Omron’s Q-upNavi is an Exciting Innovation, High Level Process Improvement Tool.

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The information provided by Q-upNavi results in number of outcomes:

  • Navigates Engineers and Operators in locating all Process Defects.
  • Quick Result Feedback of Manufacturing Process Changes.
  • Quality Analysis of Process Defects, supported by High Quality Color Images.
  • Stabilise your Process providing Achievable Process Target’s to 99% FPY.
  • Real Time SMT Process Monitoring, with coverage of all Production Lines.
  • Reduction in AOI Optimisation and Verification.
  • Reduction in Material Waste.