Omron VT-S530 is Industries Highest Value Full 3D-AOI System.

The VT-S530 provides Full 3D-AOI capability, High performance, Highest First Pass Yield, Zero Escape and lowest False Rejects amongst other strengths.

VT-S530 series with Pre - Post Reflow configurations have been widely adopted in production lines where high value and quality control is required. VT-S530 Series uses a combination of Phase Shift and Omron’s unique color image processing technology called "color highlight ™ 3D shape reconstruction technology", providing the highest accuracy in Solder Joint Inspection called ‘SJI’.

The technology available on the VT-S530 has been proven ultra-performant on the existing VT-S730-H with which it is sharing the new Image-Capture Module.

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  • Built Upon a History of Innovation and track record of High-Quality Solutions
  • High Speed Top View 12Mpix Camera with Telecentric Lens
  • Latest 3D Programmable DLP Projectors (25mm max Height Inspection)
  • Omron’s Unique Color-Highlight Illumination Technology
  • Single / Dual Lane and Pre / Post Reflow configurations
  • Real 3D Image Technology for Component and High-Quality Solder Joint Inspection
  • Real-time Interactive 3D data feedback to the Programmer
  • View and edit samples of all parts on the board simultaneously (in real-time)
  • Process histograms are created automatically for all inspection tests and components
  • AI self-optimization tools can perform automated inspection logic and criteria changes
  • Real defect images can be stored in the library and used to improve the tuning process
  • Consistent and quantitative inspection tests and logic across all component types
  • Full 3D Data Processing and realization of Industrial 4.0 Smart Factory Solution
  • Industrial 4.0 connectivity with The Hermes Standard for Full M2M Connectivity.
  • Omron Q-upNavi: Combine SPI, AOI and AXI Inspection Result Data for True Root-Cause Process Analysis for Process Improvement.
  • Omron Q-upAuto: Advanced Manufacturing Analysis Combining Q-upNavi ‘Inspection Result Data’, with ‘Manufacturing Process Data’ for High Level Process Improvement.

VT-S530 is the latest 3D-AOI technology providing versatility for the Highest Value Quality Solutions, combining Highest Capability and Speed on the market, for tomorrows production environments.