Business Fields

In Europe, Omron is represented by three main companies:

  • Industrial Automation business
  • Electronic Components business
  • Healthcare business¬†

These companies, working with an extensive network of local distributors and solution providers, cover all main European countries, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Africa.

For over 30 years Omron Europe has been consistently meeting the requirements and demands of the European market, and has achieved an average annual growth of more than 11% over the last 10 years. And with Omron's innovative approach and dedication to quality, we are confident that this rate of growth can be sustained and even further increased.

Omron Industrial Automation

As part of the global Omron Corporation, Omron Industrial Automation is a worldwide company and leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial a...

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Omron Electronic Components

Through Omron proprietary technologies, Omron develops electronic components that meet the high-tech demands of modern society. These key components can be f...

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Omron Healthcare

Omron aims to support the health and well-being of its customers by providing innovative technologies and products.

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