3D-SJI 3D Solder Joint Inspection

For Efficient Manufacturing of High-quality Products

What is 3D-SJI

"3D-SJI" is Omron's unique quality philosophy, which quantitatively grasps and manages quality.

What does 3D-SJI realize?

3D_SJI Technology

This is the introduction of various technologies to realize inspection of soldering with excellent connection reliability. This section also describes the inspection requirement to realize the quantification of solder shapes using 3D-SJI.

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This section has sample defects which were detected together with the actual detection screens. Refer to the detailed content on the quality improvement of the manufacturing worksites.

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This is the introduction of "a quality control system, Q-up Navi," which enables quality control in the implementation process and process improvement beginning with the post-reflow quality.

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Global support

Omron Group engineers provide direct support via its extensive network spanning more than 30 countries.

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