VT-X750 | Omron ISD, Europe


New In-line Automated X-Ray Inspection System.

Omron brings AXI performance to a new higher level with the New VT-X750.

VT-X750, the world's fastest AXI machine to utilise Computed Tomography (3D-CT) as its core of image and inspection quality.


A New High Speed Technology enables the VT-X750 to be up to twice as fast as the current VT-X700.

The automated inspection logic has been improved for many parts such as IC heal fillets, stacked devices (PoP), through hole components, press-fit connectors, and other bottom terminated parts.

Increasing automated inspection speed and expanding inspection logic enables full, in-line inspection coverage by 3D-CT method.

OMRON’s unique 3D-CT reconstruction algorithms provide unprecedented solder shape recognition and defect detection.

Dense and dual sided board design can provide challenges for X-Ray inspection.

However, Omron's 3D-CT technology can overcome such design restraints.

The VT-X750 also offers the possibility to inspection XL board up to 610 x 515mm for a foot print of nearly 50% less than other Large Size AXI machines with only 2.99m2.

  • High-Precision, X-Ray, Angled 3D CT Imaging
  • Fast and Accurate Automated Inspection
  • User-Friendly Software and Interface
  • Full Offline Program Generation
  • Automatic Component Model Creation for Quick and Easy Programing
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • Defect Checking Terminal and 3D Image Reviewing Software
  • Data Analysis and Quality Control Software Tools
  • Safe and Secure Micro-focus closed Tube
  • Pulse-Shot X-Ray Method for Extended X-Ray Source Life
  • Omron's World Class Service and Support