In the autonomous vehicle and in all the associated systems necessary for autonomous driving, more and more electronic safety components are being integrated. The number of components are becoming more and more extensive, from camera systems, sensor systems and wireless communication interfaces through to intelligent light systems and navigation aids. We are convinced, that a complete inspection process is needed, and we have been developing the necessary technology.

VT-X750 is designed with the philosophy to achieve Zero Defect process lines. Traditional X-ray technologies are limited to inspect components like BGAs, LGAs or THT. VT-X750’s design overcomes these traditional shortfalls by incorporating high speed ‘Computed Tomography’ (CT), providing high-precision X-ray imaging to perform precise and reliable inspection of those hidden soldered areas during production. Combining Computed Tomography with High-Speed image capture and processing, VT-X750 delivers the highest-level inspection capability, targeting requirements such as the EV and Autonomous Vehicle where reliability and safety are paramount.

vt-x750 machine side en aoi

VT-X750 In-Line AXI system will inspect accurately and reliably, soldered defects such as Head in Pillow and Voids within BGA, LGA, THT and all other discrete devices. Technological improvements provide 2 times faster cycle times than its previous model VT-X700, are key for modern day in-line manufacturing processes. New software design incorporates unique AI functions that reduce programming time by 5 times faster than our previous VT-X700 model. Whereas current logics require operators to manually find for example the lead edge, it is now found automatically. Other targets for AI are improvements regarding stability of inspection programs by automatic extraction of components position for accurate measurement. Automatic creation of component library such as BGA, and capture criteria settings for fine tuning, all allowing Program Creation of L-Size PCB’s within 30 mins. Software will adjust the contrast image by automatic adjustment of voltage and currency of the Xray tube, exposure time and CT value. VT-X750 unique highspeed CT based Inspection system is designed for todays in-line manufacturing process lines.