World’s Newest 3D-SPI System

The VP9000 uses highly accurate and repeatable 3D imaging to perform complete PCB solder paste analysis. Potential PCB warpage is calculated at each inspection point and automatically compensated for prioritisation to analysis. The combination of features achieve ultra-precise volume measurements with an high accuracy.

Simple, user-friendly offline programming software creates inspection programs in minutes. Unique features like automatic component registration and self-adjusting lighting make program creation simple and streamlined. ePM software programming compatibility can further improve the programming process.
The VP9000 touch-screen, color interface and fluid 2D/3D modeling provides operators immediate, interactive inspection result feedback. Inspection results can be reviewed while the next PCB is being inspected to improve productivity. The advanced data analysis software provides comprehensive quality data for continuous manufacturing process improvement and trend monitoring.
The VP9000 can feed inspection result data back to the screen-printer, making necessary print adjustments in real-time to eliminate the continuation of defects during production.

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  • High-Speed 100% 3D Solder Paste Inspection
  • Highly Accurate Solder Paste Volume Measurement (within 2%)
  • Multiple Resolution Options and 3-Mode Zoom (down to 5µm)
  • Two Available Machine Sizes to Handle PCBs Ranging from 250mm x 330mm to 460mm x 510mm
  • User-Friendly Software and Integrated, Touch-Screen Interface
  • Simple Program Creation from GERBER and/or Mount Data (compatible with ePM)
  • Full Offline Program Generation
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • Data Analysis and Quality Control Software Tools (compatible with Omron Q-Up Navi software)
  • Glue and Foreign Material Inspection.

Full 3D Data Processing and realization of Industrial 4.0 Smart Factory Solution.

Omron Q-upNavi: Combine SPI, AOI and AXI Result Data Together for True Root-Cause Analysis.

Omron Q-upAuto: Total Quality Control Across the Entire Production Line.

VP9000 is the latest 3D-SPI technology on the market, suitable for tomorrows production environments.


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