VP9000 | Omron ISD, Europe


3D In-line Paste Inspection System VP9000

This new 3D SPI machine is designed to answer all the most difficult cases of Solder paste inspection. Its technology for the acquisition and measurement of screen printed volume guarantees reliability and repeatability of high quality.

In order to obtain the most accurate measurements, a wide choice of resolutions is available and the switch can be set by software within the inspection program.

A new GUI and very sharp statistical analysis allow rapid and targeted improvement process. SPC station is now widely recognized as one of the most advanced Analysis software of the market giving all necessary data for the best process control and Traceability.

The new VP9000 can complete the loop 3D inspection of your process with the opportunity to correct the excesses of your screen printing process.

  • Unique concept of 3D measurement combined with 2D system
  • Wide choice of resolutions from 5um to 25um
  • Unique Multiple Resolution Switch Function
  • Automatic warpage compensation with PCB warping display & output data function
  • Simulate how Cp/Cpk values and graphs change when changing the Spec threshold (USL/LSL).
  • Fast Programming
  • Most Advanced SPC software with detailed report function
  • Closed-loop function up and down-stream
  • Very low maintenance.


Omron’s Q-upNAVI is an Exciting Innovation, High Level Process Improvement Tool. Q-upNAVI is designed with the Process Engineer in mind, providing High Level Statistical Analysis supported by High Quality Color Imagery of your Process. Data is collected from any of Omron’s SPI, AOI and AXI Systems that’s presented in a format for Easy Process Diagnosis for Engineers and Operators. Q-upNAVI is a Standard Software for Omron’s VT-S500 or VT-S720 Post Reflow AOI systems, where typically FPY is achieved above 90%, (depending on Process).  To achieve FPY closer to 99% additional Inspection Strategies are required.  Therefore, QupNAVI is a Flexible Solution enabling maximum Inspection Coverage if required (SPI + AOI + AXI).


3D-SPI-VP9000-Monitor prod