Monitor and Better Understand your Inspection Data to Improve 100% Productivity

Q-upAuto System for executing association, collection, monitoring and improvement of each facility data, using the quality information of OMRON inspection system as a starting point.

Since OMRON joined the PCB inspection system business in 1987, it has maintained the No. 1 position in the industry due to reliable inspection performance and strong robustness*. In PCB optical and X-ray inspection fields in the SMT process, OMRON have guaranteed the strength of the solder joint and pursued a user-friendly in-line inspection machine that can be easily used at the work site. 
Back up with advanced technological "knowhow", OMRON has cultivated in automating the solder inspection. Since the beginning of 2018, OMRON has been intensifying our efforts in the SMT process to automate the dimension & visual inspections other than soldering which had been dependent on manual work. With our customers, OMRON will continue to aim for “ZERO DEFECT – constructing production lines that eliminate defective products” and provide inspection systems that can contribute towards achieving this. 
*Robustness: Strong inspection system which works against external disturbances (noise, unset defective shape, all uncertain elements) and does not affect the judgment of the inspection result.

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Omron Q-upAuto:

Advanced Manufacturing Analysis Combining Q-upNavi Inspection Result Data, with Manufacturing Process Data for High Level Process Improvement.

Presenting new Values by linking Inspection and Mounting systems

Detection and correction of mounter-originated sudden defect causes

Mounter-related defects are detected and notified instantly.
Pinpoint identification of research target is possible, thanks to listed defect component and mounting information.  Detection of Mounter defect is correlating to each nozzle, head and reel, within all CAD locations from both pre and post reflow AOI systems. 
As a result, line stop time can be reduced, contributing to productivity improvement.

Defect prevention

The system outputs notification when detecting mounter-related quality degradation such as component mounting shift variations.
Effective not only to prevent defects, but also to know the timing for mounter machine maintenance and required part replacement.

Checking improvement result on mounter

Checking defect correction result or post-correction quality deterioration is possible by collecting mounter-related correction information and comparing auto-saved pre- and post-correction results.
Easy verification and visualization of correction operation and its effects are possible.