Industries Highest Capability Full 3D-AOI System

Built Upon a History of Innovation and track record of High-Quality Solutions, the VT-S730 is the Industry’s fastest Real 3D-AOI machine using Omron’s unique 3D-Solder Joint Inspection (3D-SJI) technology for Best Inspection Capabilities.

VT-S730 series Post Reflow inspection machines have been widely adopted in production lines where the highest quality control is required, such as the Automotive Industry. VT-S730 Series uses a combination of Phase Shift and Omron’s unique color image processing technology called "color highlight ™ 3D shape reconstruction technology" providing the highest accuracy in Solder Joint Inspection called ‘SJI’.

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features vt-s730 aoi

  • Top View 4Mpixel/12Mpixel Camera with Telecentric Lens.
  • 4x Oblique-Angle Inspection Cameras
  • Latest 3D Programmable DLP Projectors (25mm max Height Inspection).
  • Omron’s Unique Color-Highlight Illumination Technology.
  • Real 3D Image Technology for Component and High-Quality Solder Joint Inspection.
  • Real-time Interactive 3D data feedback to the Programmer.
  • View and edit samples of all parts on the board simultaneously (in real-time) without interrupting Production.
  • Process histograms are created automatically for all inspection tests and components
  • AI self-optimization tools can perform automated inspection logic and criteria changes.
  • Real defect images can be stored in a Central library and used to improve the tuning process.
  • Full 3D Data Processing and realization of Industrial 4.0 Smart Factory Solution.
  • Industrial 4.0 connectivity with The Hermes Standard for Full M2M Connectivity. 
  • Omron Q-upNavi: Combine SPI, AOI and AXI Inspection Result Data for True Root-Cause Process Analysis for Process Improvement.
  • Omron Q-upAuto: Advanced Manufacturing Analysis Combining Q-upNavi ‘Inspection Result Data’, with ‘Manufacturing Process Data’ for High Level Process Improvement.
VT-730 is the latest 3D-AOI technology on the market, providing the Highest-Quality Solution for tomorrows production environments.


Omron’s Q-upNAVI is an Exciting Innovation, High Level Process Improvement Tool. Q-upNAVI is designed with the Process Engineer in mind, providing High Level Statistical Analysis supported by High Quality Color Imagery of your Process, including advanced 3D images from VT-S730 Post Reflow AOI. Data is collected from any of Omron’s SPI, AOI and AXI Systems that’s presented in a format for Easy Process Diagnosis for Engineers and Operators. Q-upNAVI is a Standard Software for Omron’s VT-S500 or VT-S720/VT-S730 Post Reflow AOI systems, where typically FPY is achieved above 90%, (depending on Process).  To achieve FPY closer to 99% additional Inspection Strategies are required.  Therefore, QupNAVI is a Flexible Solution enabling maximum Inspection Coverage if required (SPI + AOI + AXI).

v-CA Repair Station Software

v-ca aoi

The Repair Station Software is compatible with the VT-S500, VT-S720 and VT-S730 systems. The software provides an offline solution for monitoring and repairing PCB defects discovered during inspection. It clearly illustrates all pertinent information to an operator. Using a split-screen interface, the operator is shown each defect with real defect images taken at time of inspection, a defect description, the component location on the PCB and images of good components for comparison. The operator can then simply view, reclassify or repair the defects. The Repair Station Software is a web-based application, allowing the program to run on any networked PC and eliminating the need for software installation and multiple client licenses. When using VT-S730 "3D-SJI" full 3D post Reflow AOI system, the Repair Station Software can display high Quality advanced 3D images to help the operator qualifying the defects.