IP Inspection Pro

IP Inspection Pro

Post Solder 3D Verification/Repair Station

The Fault information is captured from an OMRON Automatic Optical Inspection system, e.g. VT-S720, VT-S500 or VT-RNS2 networked together with Inspection Pro.

Inspection Pro has been developed to trace inspection results integrally when linked with an Automatic Optical Inspection system, which in term is connected to a database which allows management of inspection history.

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  • Very high image quality with several cameras. The judgment by the operator is therefore very easy without any mistakes possible.
  • Increased focal depth of the camera which sharpens visual point images in a wider angle.
  • Automatic angle and magnification adjustment for each component can be entered in a program
  • Easy operation and possibility to rotate the cameras around the fault to help the operator.
  • Possibility to have additional check points for part which aren’t necessarily in the AOI machine program.


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