IP Inspection Pro


Post Solder 3D Verification/Repair Station

Inspection Pro has been developed to trace inspection results integrally when linked with an Automatic Optical Inspection system, which in term is connected to a database which allows management of inspection history.

The Fault information is captured from an OMRON Automatic Optical Inspection system, e.g. VT-S720, VT-S500 or VT-RNS2 networked together with Inspection Pro.

The fault point is automatically presented and displayed with a fault message. This is so that an operator can determine the status of the image (OK or NG). The fault information, such as fault image, is saved together with the QR code of the inspected PCB, which is required for traceability.

A record of all repaired fault points can be stored within the database for traceability.

  • Very high image quality with several cameras. The judgment by the operator is therefore very easy without any mistakes possible.
  • Increased focal depth of the camera which sharpens visual point images in a wider angle.
  • Automatic angle and magnification adjustment for each component can be entered in a program
  • Easy operation and possibility to rotate the cameras around the fault to help the operator.
  • Possibility to have additional check points for part which aren’t necessarily in the AOI machine program.

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