OMRON listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 3rd straight year

OMRON Corporation (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) has been listed for the third straight year on the globally recognized Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), an SRI (socially responsible investment)*1 stock price index.

The DJSI is a stock price index jointly compiled by Dow Jones & Company, Inc.*2 in the United States and the Sustainable Asset Management Group (RobecoSAM AG) in Switzerland, a research company conducting research on SRI. It is used to assess the sustainability of the world's major companies from economic, environmental, and social perspectives.

Of the roughly 3,500 globally prominent companies evaluated in 2019, 318 companies (33 Japanese companies) were selected for the DJSI World Index. OMRON was also listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific) for the tenth consecutive year.

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Based on the philosophy that "business should create value for society through its key practices" OMRON has sought, since its founding, "to improve lives and contribute to a better society through our businesses."

In crafting its "VG2.0" medium-term corporate plan launched in FY2017, the company opted for a growth strategy, anticipating global trends and social changes, considered in light of its own SINIC Predictive Theory (the global initiative in the form of the SDGs*3) and other considerations. In other words, OMRON's strategy takes the future as its starting point.

Furthermore, the company has established the goal of linking the "VG2.0" with efforts related to key sustainability issues. In this way, it is accelerating business activities designed to achieve the development of a more sustainable society and putting into practice its corporate ideals.

For example, regarding the environmental sector, in July 2018, OMRON established its new "OMRON Carbon Zero" target, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Through such approaches, the company is striving to give impetus to reductions in greenhouse gases produced through its own business activities.

In addition to announcing its endorsement of the TCFD*4 Declaration in February 2019, the company is weighing the risks and benefits of its corporate activities on climate change and is working to disclose relevant information.

In the future as well, while continuing to take into account economic, environmental, and social factors in all of its activities, OMRON will aim to link its business opportunities to both the attainment of a sustainable society and the enhancement of sustainable corporate values.

*1 Sustainable investment is a method by which investors consider a company's environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) information, in addition to conventional financial analysis, in order to choose companies that can attain sustainable growth to invest in.

*2 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. is a U.S. publishing company famous for its Dow Jones Average and The Wall Street Journal.

*3 SDGs: The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN

*4 TCFD: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure

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