OMRON's ESG efforts rated highly by Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for seventh consecutive year

OMRON has been listed within the top 97% among peer sector companies on the globally recognized Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World*1), an SRI (socially responsible investment*2) stock price index.

This marks the seventh consecutive year that OMRON has been rated highly across Environmental, Social, and Governance & Economic dimensions. Out of the 3,555 internationally renowned corporations evaluated in 2023, 321 were selected for the DJSI World. OMRON has also been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index for the 14th ensuing year.

In 2023, OMRON performed equal or better than 97% of the 73 companies within the ITC Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components industry group (as of December 9). In the Environmental Dimension, the company received top scores in the categories of emissions management, resource efficiency & circularity, waste management, and water consumption. OMRON also received top scores on transparency & reporting and tax strategy in the Governance & Economic Dimension. These scores place OMRON equal or better than 100% of its peer sector companies. Within the Social Dimension, OMRON was recognized for its improvements on talent attraction & retention, signaling improved employee wellbeing and privacy protection.

Ensuring the integration of the long-term material sustainability issues (materiality) identified in OMRON's long-term vision, Shaping the Future 2030 (SF2030), into its business operations allowed the company to receive this honorable recognition. Practicing the OMRON Principles in every part of the organization, namely improving lives and contributing to a better society, has also contributed strongly to OMRON's ESG efforts being recognized.

Yue Liu, Senior General Manager of the Sustainability Office at OMRON Corporation, stated, "As OMRON, we have been putting people and the planet at the core of our business since 1933, our founding year. We are proud to see that our efforts to innovate for a sustainable future are recognized by one of the most renowned corporate sustainability assessment indices. The consecutive recognition encourages us to continue our progress communication about our ESG goals and initiatives and to involve our employees, customers, and business partners in the journey towards the sustainable future we envision."

*1 The DJSI is a stock price index compiled by S&P Dow Jones Indices. It is used to assess the sustainability of the world's major companies from environmental, social, and governance & economic dimensions.

*2 Sustainable investment is a method by which investors consider a company's environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) information, in addition to conventional financial analysis, in order to choose companies that can attain sustainable growth to invest in.

OMRON’s Sustainable Future

OMRON firmly believes in incorporating its vision for a sustainable future into its entire organization. Social value is created through business endeavors and contributing to the development of society, which is reflected in OMRON’s recognition by several other ESG assessment institutions around the world. By empowering people through automation, OMRON strives for a healthy, carbon neutral and inclusive digitalized society. More information on OMRON's sustainability initiatives can be found in the Integrated Report and Sustainability website pages.

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