Our Promise - Our Customer

Our Promise

  • We fully understand the kind of problems that actually occur on a production line and work together with you to solve them.
  • We remain totally engaged even when problems occur.
  • We use proven methods and steps to solve each customer's particular problems.
In addition to working with our customers to explore new possibilities and bring form to ideas, we hold a strong desire to help each customer "innovate their product creation." Each one of us will continue to innovate our own thoughts and actions. This is our identity, and our promise to you.

Our Customer

  • Our view of the customer: All People in Search of 'Innovating Product Creation'
All people who are engaged in advancing the way products are created, regardless of their industry, department, or work category are potentially OMRON customers. Also, the idea of innovating product creation is not limited to the production floor. Under the concept of "Production," which includes R&D, shipping and after-sales support, we strive to support every stage of the process with our problem-solving and technical innovation.