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It was the year 1930 when Kazuma Tateisi, founder of OMRON Corporation, first started his business of manufacturing and selling trouser presses in Kyoto. From the beginning, he faced sluggish sales and excess stock. In an attempt to overcome financial difficulties, he worked on promoting its sales. However, this effort did not turn things around. Yet, from this hardship he learned many things, such as the importance of developing distribution channels, forging business contracts, implementing product demonstrations and advertising for promotion of sales. Things that are still very important in everyday life.

... a multi billion company

Anticipating social needs and filling them with pioneering technology. This describes the role OMRON has played over its 90 year history. OMRON founder Kazuma Tateisi, a brilliant inventor and determined salesman, tried his hand at a knife-grinder and trouser press before launching Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. in 1933 based on a need by hospitals for faster X-ray timers. The 3-employee factory grew into OMRON Corporation, today a global leader in sensing and control components with about 30,000 employees spread out across 120 countries and regions.

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In its trail OMRON has left a string of developments that have revolutionized our lives, including several incredible world's firsts: non-contact proximity switch, automatic traffic signal, ticket vending machine and fully automated train station system, and automatic cancer cell diagnostic equipment. OMRON makes significant contributions in a wide variety of fields such as industrial automation, home appliances & office equipment, automobiles, social & financial systems, and healthcare.

Exciting facts about OMRON:

Where does the name OMRON come from?

OMRON comes from Omuro, the name of an ancient temple that once stood in Japan.

What are OMRON employees doing every year on the anniversary day of OMRON’s founding?

On May 10, OMRON's Foundation Day, OMRON employees around the world spend the day volunteering for various causes.

Who invented the first on-line cash machine in the world?

OMRON did! In 1971, OMRON unleashed the worlds first on-line cash dispenser.

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