What 3D-SJI can realise

The solder quality can be quantified by quantifying the solder shape

(1) Inspection by quantifying the solder shape from a combination of optimal principles

The figures below show examples of defects in which some leads are not bonded with the solder. In Fig. 1, the solder bonding defect can be detected by detecting the height of the leads. However, in Fig. 2, the height of the leads is normal, so this fault cannot be detected by the inspection of lead height only. 3D-SJI inspects solder shapes, making it possible to detect such a bottom-bonding defect in which the height of the leads shows no change.

(2) Vertical startup of inspection programs

By using the component height data, stable programs can be created without depending on human capabilities.

(3) Stable inspection with high robustness

Soldering inspection that is not affected by the component layouts and color variations can be performed.