If the relationship between the printing solder volume and the fillet shape is clear, the solder volume for the target fillet shape can be determined and managed, and the fillet shape can be stabilized. In other words, the appropriate fillet shape can be pursued. Not only the reliability but also the fillet shape that can be easily inspected can also be pursued.

Lead component Coplanarity / Lead bending

This is an example of a lifting failure of the lead component. The height information of the terminal makes it possible to judge the coplanarity of the component. This function can analyze if the lifting failure is caused by a coplanarity abnormality of the component.

If a lifting failure of the lead component occurs, it is necessary to check if the defect has existed since the time of delivery of the component or to check conditions of mounting process. It is also necessary to control printing solder volume to be supplied to absorb the coplanarity.

R0402 lifting failure

Here are examples of an accepted chip component R0402, and an unaccepted one because of a lifting failure. A judgment can be easily made because the height information of the component is available.

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