EMS-Tag Würzburg

Available seats

OMRON Inspection Systems Division will be attending the 'Würzburg EMS-Tag', taking place on 7th September, 2023.

The EMS-Tag is considered one of the most important events in the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry. 

It consists of a seminar day and an evening event the day before. 

Managing directors and executives from EMS providers and in-house production as well as their suppliers will be discussing about current topics affecting the industry and changes needed to keep pace with the competition.

The open discussion will offer opportunity to get in touch with many decision-makers of potential business partners and deepen existing relationships.

OMRON will have knowledgeable representatives and is Event Business Partner 2023.

Visit Event Website to see the Program and any information

The registration is necessary on Anmeldung | Würzburger EMS-Tag 

With the following code, all visitors will get 20% discount of the regular price: EMS23_20PROZENT

See you soon in Würzburg!