VT-X700 | Omron AOI, Europe

In-line X-Ray Inspection System

The VT-X700 is capable of inspecting solder quality on a full-range of components from BGAs to chips and even through-hole devices. Inspections are performed very quickly at speeds of only 5 seconds per field-of-view (fov).

The Omron VT-X700 is the perfect solution to manufacturers desiring high-speed, in-line, automated X-Ray inspection on PCBs containing components such as BGAs or CSPs with hidden solder joints. Traditional AOI technology is incapable of inspecting these types of components but the VT-X700 uses revolutionary, high-precision, X-ray, CT imaging to perform precise and reliable analysis of these hidden areas.

  • High-Precision, X-Ray, Angled 3D CT Imaging
  • Fast and Accurate Automated Inspection 
  • User-Friendly Software and Interface
  • Full Offline Program Generation
  • Automatic Component Model Creation for Quick and Easy Programing
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring 
  • Defect Checking Terminal and 3D Image Reviewing Software
  • Data Analysis and Quality Control Software Tools
  • Safe and Secure Closed X-Ray Tube
  • Pulse-Shot X-Ray Method for Extended X-Ray Source Life    
  • Omron's World Class Service and Support


RVS-X software application is used for end of line repair station or in-line verification station of Omron VT-X700 AXI inspection results.  RVSX displays the defect inspection result image as a real high quality 3D computer tomographic (CT) image.  Because RVS-X uses real CT images, the repair operator is able to slice through the complete 3D image from top to bottom-side PCB in one single image.  The superior high quality CT imagery enables the repair operator to make clear and precise judgements, not provided by any other X-ray technologies.


LSR-X is analysis software tool for Omron VT-X700 AXI machine that provides critical data for process improvement (programme optimisation data and process defect data).  LSR-X analysis software acquires collects and displays in a graph form the inspection and repair results from VT-X700 AXI machine: PCB level, component level, defect level reports with defect images for each faulty component. Displays graphs for PCB, component type, component variation, component name, defect name analysis.

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