VT-RNSII (in-line)


VT-RNSII second generation

Designed for in-line inspection, the VT-RNSII is an ideal solution for smaller manufacturers running low volume to customers with large volumes. The inspection algorithms used in the VT-RNSII are identical to the fully automated in-line machine, the VT-RNSII-PTH benchtop machine.

VT-RNSII is Omron's second generation in-line PCB inspection system. It delivers fast and reliable results. The inspection program is simplified with Omron easy-to-use EzTS software. VT-RNSII has reduced the post-reflow inspection times by up to 30% compared to the first generation VT-RNS.

  • Patented 3 ‘Color highlight’ technology
  • High resolution inspection using 3CCD camera
  • True colour image processing 
  • EasyTeach (EzTS) for fast and automatic program creation  à Read more
  • User-friendly Repair/Verification Station software (RVS)  à Read more
  • Statistical analysis and reporting tool (Line Status Reporter, LSR)  à Read more
  • Character verification 
  • Lead-free enabled 
  • Full compatibility of the programs with the VT-RNSII-PTH benchtop machine.
  • VT-RNSII can also be used for post-placement inspection or 2D solder paste inspection.
  • Available for Medium Size PCB (333x255mm) or Large Size PCB (510x460mm)

EasyTeach (EzTS)
ezts2 aoi

The EasyTeach (EzTS) Software can be used off-line for creation and modification of inspection programs. It can also be use in-line for program tuning during inspection without stopping or slowing down the production line. Working in this way the machine is never a bottleneck, even if some tuning is being made or not during inspection mode. The optimization of the programs on the off-line programming station during inspection ensures implementation time and the uploading of programs from the inspection results is as fast as possible. Recommended feature on all VT-RNSII machines for both in line and desktop models.

  • Easy Library Creation
  • Very Fast program Creation (PCB 100x100, 50cpts, 20cpt types) = 20min from Scratch +Lib
  • Automatic component creation using populated and bare board and “program creator wizard”
  • Preset of colour parameters and criteria using first few boards. à Ready for production before fine tuning
  • Possibility to compare images of false rejects, OK or real defects from previous/next boards, same/other location, same type etc…

Line Status Reporter (LSR)

Line Status Reporter LSR for VT-RNS acquires, collects and displays in a graph form the inspection and repair results from the VT-RNS machine:

  • Defect reports with defect images for each faulty component.
  • Displays graphs for PCB, component type, component variation, component name, defect name analysis.
  • LSR is recommended on VT-RNSII machines for both in-line and desktop models.
  • Very Simple and user friendly.

lsr aoi
Repair/Verification Station Software (RVS)

RVS verification Station software is used to verify very easily the results from the AOI machine. This software is very user friendly and the display of very clear colour images of the defects can only help the operator for the best and easiest judgment possible. Using this RVS software, there is no need of magnifying equipment as the image provided is enough to see the fault very clearly. This software can be installed in-line straight after the AOI in the case of 2D Solder paste inspection, post placement inspection or post solder inspection. This way, the faulty PCB results are displayed automatically by the Checking Software after the inspection is complete. RVS-I Inline Checking Station is recommended for Paste and Placement inspection applications. After Solder inspection, RVS-D Batch Checking Station Software can be used and the results are loaded after scanning the PCB-ID of the faulty PCB.

Rvs aoi

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